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Welcome to the Apr - Jun '21 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:

blanche neige illo.jpg

by Ed Ahern

Flash Fiction

Blanches last spike illo.jpg

by Holly Schofield

A Chinese-Swedish daughter of a whore must fight evil spirits during

Canada's Last Spike ceremony in 1885.

diamond dust heart illo.jpg

by Mary E. Lowd

When an android detective follows a trail of illegal drugs to its source, she risks learning more about herself than she wants to know.


by John T. Biggs

There's no such thing as a last chance when time is on your side.

First Thrust2.jpeg

by Gerri Leen

God's curse was that Lilith birth a hundred demon children a day, and now she and her children grow restive. She's spawned an army but she can't bring down heaven without an asset within. That's always seemed out of reach--until now.

greenteeth illo.jpg

by Amanda Vincent

Jenny Greenteeth has long been known as a malevolent water-hag, drowning without mercy those that approach her pond. But is that all there is to her?

My Time Month color.jpeg

by Judith Field

What's a man to do when all the jobs are going to supernatural creatures?

If you can't beat 'em...


by Kelly Matsuura

The walled city of Karrara is safe from the Man of Fire.

But he is still coming, destroying all in his path. 

The Miracle of Dry Cleaning2.jpeg

by E.E. King

When Sally picks up a miraculous shroud at her dry cleaners,

all heaven breaks loose.

The Unending Storm2.jpeg

by Ted Pennella

With magic gone wild, encasing the world in an unending storm of snow and ice, the key to saving all life lays hidden high up within a mountain top.  Yet, Tara finds the storm is nothing compared to the rage of a dragon and giant, both of whom must be appeased or her efforts will have been in vain.


by Jennifer Crow



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