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The Lorelei Signal

Edited by Carol Hightshoe

ISSN: 2158-6160


Welcome to the Jan - Mar '22 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:

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A Price Already Paid.jpeg

by MM Schreier

Everything can be found at the Night Market, including stolen souls.

Is Astrid willing to pay the price?

across a candlelit table.jpeg

by Kelly Matsuura

Melodie is trying hard to awaken her powers, yet is admittedly more interested in impressing her teacher, Brielle, than learning any magic tricks.

What will it take to win the fair witch's heart? 


by Charles Kyffhausen

Morwen ferch Rhys is the only known Knight of the Round Table to survive the Battle of Camlann. Merlin has put her into suspended animation to find King Arthur when he returns to save Britain in its hour of deadliest peril. When she arrives in the distant future, and in the midst of a war she can barely imagine, where should she even begin to look?

mug color.jpg

by Ian Robert Krueger

A young woman encounters an extradimensional deity in the form of a glazed mug. 


by Mary Jo Rabe

Prista, a witch, uses the occasion of Reformation Day

and Halloween to accomplish her goals.

The Raggity Woman.jpeg

by Mike Morgan

Illyrian is the granddaughter of the ruler of the eastern steppes. Hers should be a life of luxury—instead, she is abandoned as a newborn baby, condemned to absolute poverty, and cruelly dubbed the Raggedy Woman, all for the crime of her mother dying in childbirth.


Illyrian won’t let the hatred of her estranged grandfather define her life; nor will she allow hurtful magical pranks to get under her skin.

(Inspired by the traditional English fairy stories The Hedley Kow and Tattercoats.) 


by Maureen Bowden

Sigrath married a prince who promised to give her everything for which she asked, but she couldn't ask for what she wanted most.

The Mouse Princess.jpg

by Tom Howard

A princess born to tyrants is rescued by her sorceress godmother

but must return to save the kingdom.

The question.jpg

by M O Bishop

Sometimes it is a good idea to ask why someone wants to

give you something for nothing.


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The Lorelei Signal (ISSN: 2158-6160) is published quarterly, by WolfSinger Publications.
New issues are posted on the first Sunday of Jan, April, July, and Oct.

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