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Stories in this Issue:

degrees of separation.jpg

by Lisa Timpf

When Officer Alicia Stoneworth responds to reports of a disruption at Commons Park, she quickly realizes that things could heat up in a hurry. Will flashing her badge be enough to de-escalate the situation? And if not, how far is she prepared to go?

The wrong shade green.jpeg

by Ray Daley

It takes a certain something to catch a male's eye during the mating season. Especially when you're a dragon.


by Jason Lairamore

Come meet Karen Parson as she travels through a decimated Earth.

It hasn't been a very nice first contact and no one knows why the aliens are killing everyone. Karen, though, she is a survivor. Killing monsters before breakfast is kind of a normal thing.


by Shannon Walch

The temple's last guardian knows nothing beyond the compulsion to protect the water and the warriors who come to steal it.  But the arrival of a mage who has dug into her past forces her to confront the purpose that has been forced on her.

High Society.jpg

by Maureen Bowden

The Olympian deities are invited to an engagement party. The happy couple are not so happy, the boyband are in mortal danger, and love blossoms in unexpected circumstances.


by Matias F. Travieso-Diaz 

The magic-assisted obsession of an aspiring singer to pursue an operatic career results in a series of events of joy and tragedy. 

Girl in the Tower2.jpeg

by Avra Margariti


The Rat Princess.jpeg

by Avra Margariti


The Toaster Dragon.jpeg

by Mary E. Lowd

With magic gone wild, encasing the world in an unending storm of snow and ice, the key to saving all life lays hidden high up within a mountain top.  Yet, Tara finds the storm is nothing compared to the rage of a dragon and giant, both of whom must be appeased or her efforts will have been in vain.


by Shaun Paulina

Happy to leave Earth, Stella joins two other Travelers and an alien crew bound for far-off worlds. But her experience aboard the Draiqan spaceship is nothing like she expected. Soon, she questions the truth behind her selection for the Program.


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