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The Lorelei Signal

Edited by Carol Hightshoe

ISSN: 2158-6160


Welcome to the Jul - Sep '22 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:

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by Charles Kyffhausen

Can a story that makes the Mortal Kombat videogame look like G-rated family entertainment be humorous? Or, "Is it possible to retell the Iliad and Odyssey with no fatalities?"

A fine body.jpg

by Ray Daley

In combat, they're a fine body of men. Perhaps.

An Otter's Soul.jpeg

by Mary E. Lowd

An otter struggles with her grief over the death of her best friend and seeks solace in her people's folklore concerning what happens to their souls after they die.

Histronics 2.jpeg

by Maureen Bowden

Stephanie was fond of her cousin Maggie, but Maggie's friends didn't belong here. They didn't belong anywhere.


by Claudia Recinos Seldeen


The Last Song 150dpi.jpeg

by Laura J Underwood

Maggie Stonethrower was looking forward to a quiet night, but when Tinkerson the Bard brought her a box containing The Last Song, she found herself facing the anger of the Bard of the Wind himself. So what's a Dvergar woman to do? Whatever it takes to save her inn and the world from a song that could kill any who hear it.


by Anne E. Johnson

The sorcerer Gar Metchin's longing for power is so great that he dares to disrupt the work of the Lightbringers, an order of women who magically illuminate Rennis City. As soon as he has cast his destructive spell, Gar regrets it, but it's too late. Between Gar's apprentice, Merrida, and the three sister Lightbringers, there must be a way to stop the darkness!


by Chrissie Rohrman

This wasn't my first town, my first attempt at living among others. I should have learned by now how quickly one can go from savior to murderess. 


by Ross Hightower

Witches don't exist. That's what Signe's mother tells her, and she wants to believe her mother. The problem is, no else does.

hell to pay.jpg

by Diane Arrelle

Hilda is dead and everyone at her funeral appears to hate her, everyone human that is. Her boss a demon from hell likes and respects the great job she’s done on earth as a lower minion. But now, back in hell, Hilda will do anything to be promoted to a full demon.

Mouse Girl(2).jpeg

by Avra Margariti



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