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Stories in this Issue:


by Lisa Timpf

When Alicia Stoneworth is called to Avmore Retirement Home on a missing persons’ case, she welcomes the opportunity to check out the facility. Secretly, she hopes she’ll be able to gather ammunition to convince her sister to move their Dad into a residence, where he’ll be around other people, instead of caring for him at home with the assistance of a health care android. But as Alicia and her partner come closer to solving the case, she realizes it may be time to set aside her assumptions—and give her sister the benefit of the doubt.


by Liam Hogan

The fate of the cosmos depends on a game of cards, between order and chaos, known and unknown. The balance is more than you might think.

Erasing Self from Narrative.jpeg

by Marsheila Rockwell


Fashion Statement.jpeg

by Dawn Vogel

Wimma and Vesper, seamstresses to Princess Orchid, use their skills to help the princess make the statement she needs.


by Victoria Brun

Few mages could save someone from bush viper venom, although Mara Hista High Mage of the East was one of them. But that was a cruel irony. No mage, not even one as powerful as she, could cast magic on herself.


by Diana Fedorak

A young Japanese woman seeks recognition in a male-dominated occupation and way of life in feudal Japan.

Party of Five.jpeg

by Ray Daley

It's a man's world & sometimes you'll have to do difficult things to survive in it.

Questions for the Oracle.jpeg

by Lorraine Schein



by Douglas J. Ogurek

Two quarreling creatures discover they have something in common when they are visited by a mysterious figure with a colorful cloak and a mirror.

will of fashion gods1613x2304.jpg

by Laura DeHaan

A plot to defame the emperor goes hilariously awry when the plan is misread.


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