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The Lorelei Signal


Samhain Night

Written by Jennifer Elise Wang / Artwork by Marcia Borell

At midnight

The moon becomes as radiant

As the sun at noon.

The witch become the Goddess,

And I,

One without magic,

Can see through the alabaster doorway

To another world,

Where the dead walk again.

Its sky seeps into our realm,

The color of blood,

Slowly drying

Until it fades

Into the black hue

Of embers sitting in the witch’s cauldron,

Beating out their last heartbeats.

As time passes,

From the dark void

Does new life rise,

Merging with the wind

That fans a tiny spark

Into lively flames.

Orange breaks through

The shadowy sky,

And the veil is pulled

Over my eyes again—

But she,

The one I met on Samhain night,

Remains a Goddess.

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Jennifer Elise Wang (she/they) is a non-binary femme in STEM from Dallas, Texas.  When she's not doing neuroscience research, she enjoys writing, dancing, and learning how to skateboard and snowboard.  She has been published in New Verse News, FERAL, Southern Arizona Press’ Dragonflies and Fairies anthology, and Exist Otherwise


She can be found at and @JeniverseAbr on Twitter.

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