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The Lorelei Signal


Warning Signs

Written by Pamela Love / Artwork by Marge Simon

Goddess Hestia tended the hearth on Mt. Olympus.

Crouched by the fire, stirring the coals, she kept the flames bright, yet contained.

Meanwhile, enthroned around her, other gods feasted, fought, and fell in love.

It did not occur to them that Hestia might resent her status.

Consequently, warriors Ares and Athena did not recognize the shift to battle-readiness in their aunt’s eyes;

And Smith Hephaestus did not perceive the fire’s temperature surge;

Nor did Hunter Artemis notice when Hestia rose into a crouch, poised to spring to safety.

In short, Mt. Olympus exploded because none of the gods recognized the warning signs of their aunt’s incipient hearth attack.


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Pamela Love was born in New Jersey. After working as a teacher and in marketing, she turned to writing. She is the winner of the 2020 Magazine Merit Award for her science fiction story, “The Fog Test”, which appeared in Cricket. Her speculative fiction has also appeared in Wyrms: An Anthology of Dragon Drabbles, Bingeworthy: Havok Season Three Anthology, Prismatic: Havok Season Five Anthology, Luna Station Quarterly, and Tales From the Moonlit Path, among other publications. She now lives in Maryland.

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