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The Lorelei Signal

Edited by Carol Hightshoe

ISSN: 2158-6160


Welcome to the Jan - Mar '24 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:


by Sarena Tien

Elina wants to become a master painter like her older brother Edgar,

but when she struggles to paint sunrises and sunsets, she must

remember why she started painting in the first place.


by Selina Rosen

Some people take a long time learning the necessary lessons of life.

For some, it takes too long; others get lucky.


by Ali-Abbas

Adiha has an audacious plan to use her knowledge of the Djinn

and her quick wits to secure a better future for herself and her brother.


by Laura J. Underwood

Ginny Ni'Cooley just wanted to sleep, but the battle between a Shadow Lord

and a warrior of ancient times keeps her awake. So to stop them,

she had to break their curse and seek out the stolen Book of Curses.


by Devan Barlow



by Abby Brown

Chronic illness, pain, and confusion affect us all. Some more than others.

Do you have the gift of recognizing it in those around you?


by Gregg Chamberlain

Where will we find the next generation of fantastic heroes

to fight against the monsters?


by Josie Gowler

After a year of brutal travel, Avelli reaches the final challenge

of her quest to revenge her people. Will she succeed?


by Maia Brown-Jackson



by S. Cameron David

A dragon kidnapped a princess from her father's castle.

It did not go as the dragon expected.


by Ray Daley

Among the list of thing which will get a witch's attention quickly, a crying woman is certainly in the top five. A crying pregnant woman? Top three, for sure.


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The Lorelei Signal (ISSN: 2158-6160) is published quarterly, by WolfSinger Publications.
New issues are posted on the first Sunday of Jan, April, July, and Oct.

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