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Welcome to the Jan - Mar '20 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:

by Deby Fredericks

Flash Fiction

by Phillip A. Myers

My name is…or rather was Walter Graves. I live in Baltimore.

This is a story of my lives.

by Maureen Bowden

What lives behind the Nereid's Eyes?

by Mary E Lowd

Flash Fiction

by Kristina Dyer

Just why the Marquis wanted all him to deliver so many young maidens to her castle was a question François was smart enough to never ask and when the truth is learned it could cost him his life.

by Douglas J. Ogurek

Given the chance to live, to leave the gray area and move to the area of bright purple and green lights, what will be her choice?

by Robert William Shmigelsky


by Melissa Embry

A former avatar of a goddess and a former skeletal guardian face demons as mortals.

by Jaap Boekestein

Century after century Lorelei sings. The rock in the river is named for her, her name is cursed. Boaters are extra careful on that part of the river. And when they hear her sing, they know that they are lost.

by Gustavo Bondoni

This is a democracy, and we’ll tolerate any words—but trying to disable the space elevator was one step too far.

by Deby Fredericks

Flash Fiction

by Prosper Yamamoto

Does the Ice Moon dream? Does it see her when she looks?

What do you need to exist?

by Lynn Rushlau

If you know someone well, it doesn't take great powers of observation to realize they're not acting like themselves.

by Adele Gardner


by Adele Gardner


by Olga Godim

Could she enhance the paper’s ability to inflict paper cuts? To cut anything?

by Mary-Jean Harris

What continues between lives is not a soul, but a web of consciousness. Of memories, sensations, one spilling into the next, all connected in a chain through time, through different bodies.

by Patrick S. Baker

A will-o-wisp shimmered, waved, and danced. Slowly it solidified into a white horse with a red-roan forelock and a single silver horn.

by Morgan Branthorne

Big Pay, Little Delivery:

Requesting quote for individual to transport a single crate (total weight 200 lbs.), contents not to be discussed, approximately 700 miles, as soon as possible. Absolute discretion a must.

Interested parties contact

by JM Williams

Flash Fiction

by Jill Hand

“You have reached the Voynich Group. Our office hours are nine a.m. to six p.m., Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday. If you know your party’s extension, press one now….” There was a pause, and then the voice dropped to an ominous, menacing growl.

“If you don’t know your party’s extension then you’re filthy scum who doesn’t deserve to live. You’ll be beaten with clubs, stripped naked and chased into the forest, where you’ll be devoured by wolves.”

by Elana Gomel

The Book of Gods has been scattered but one story still endures:

the tale of Soul’s search for Love.

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