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The Lorelei Signal


The Bounty Against
Space Pirate Ganjorthon

Written by Jordan Zuniga / Artwork by Marcia Borell


*A voice on the space radio starts to become clearer*


Calling all heroes throughout the galaxy!

I repeat! Calling all heroes throughout the Hardrock galaxy.

The enduring asteroids and harshness of our solar system is in dire peril,

And needs your help to restore order out of the chaos of war!

Now here to make their case for our defense is Secretary of War, Hamold Hardgrip.

Hamold Hardgrip, thank you for coming on such short notice.


*Sound of a throat being cleared in the background*


Space. Deep space. The planets, the suns, the moons surrounding the planets,

And all the stars across the galaxy,

Space, law and order, and all colonized areas are threatened by turmoil from within,

As the United Hardrock Space Federation’s authority has been challenged,

By an old, race of aggressive and warlike hunters,

Led by a vicious space pirate who has claimed the title of galactic champion from among them.


The wicked and vicious Space Pirate Ganjorthon,

Is recently now the only known and recorded warrior to pass the Baradan trials for the right to be called galactic champion in their harsh, jungle world.

The Baradan clerics have anointed and ordained her as their empress, and declared her the mightiest warrior in the galaxy.

Now, the Baradan warriors, some of the most well trained and deadliest soldiers in space,

Have united under the banner of their empress,

Leading a vicious assault against multiple sectors throughout the galaxy,

Attacking critical trade routes that bring raw goods to the planets,

Causing uprising and riots in the major cities of multiple inhabited worlds.


The Hardrock galaxy is on the brink of destruction on a widespread scale!

With the rise of the Baradon warriors and their newly crowned leader,

And the recent assaults upon the trade routes between colonies,

The United Hardrock Federation is hard pressed to find willing heroes to take up this cup!

Who will rise up to the occasion of defeating the dreaded Space Pirate Ganjorthon?

And help restore peace to the galaxy?


Grand Space Minister Haron Lightshot has sought out every measure,

To bring Space Pirate Ganjorthon and the Baradan warriors to the table to negotiate for peace,

But each day news of more small skirmish victories go to the confederates,

And the Minister is becoming more pressed to declare war against the Baradan rebels.


To all heroes throughout the worlds who wish to bring peace to our federation,

And would like a hefty reward and be declared a hero of the Space Federation throughout the galaxy.

Grand Space Minister Haron Lightshot has issued a bounty against the empress of the Baradan warriors.

Any single or group of heroes able to assassinate the Space Pirate Ganjorthon and bring back her head,

Will be paid one-hundred million Hardrock space credits, given full honors and prestige as heroes of the Space Federation by the United Hardrock Federation military.

To all heroes seeking glory and fortune on the field of battle,

This is your new beginning and our most desperate hour of need...


*Radio begins to fade out*

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Jordan Zuniga is an emerging Christian and conservative poet, devotional, and creative writer. He has appearances on Christian Devotions, The Upper Room, Calla Press Publishing, Spectral Realms, the 504 Podcast, the Agape Review, the Clay Jar Review, and other appearances and upcoming appearances across different publications. He enjoys studying the bible and theology, honoring his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ with His creativity, playing his clarinet and various performing arts, competitive gaming, and other various activities. He is as of this publication actively searching for representation from a literary agent to pursue traditional publication.


Anyone interested in supporting his creative pursuits or inquiring literary agents who wish to offer representation can follow and contact him on instagram and instagram messenger @cccreativewriter. 

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