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The Lorelei Signal


Orion Colony

Written by Jenny Thompson / Artwork by Marge Simon

Everyone in the galaxy still knows the name

of the colony leader with a heart full of hate,

who destroyed what was then humanity’s best

hope for a future somewhere among the stars.


Of course, monsters are never forgotten, are they?

They’re whispered about - or worse. They always

ask me, the only living survivor of Orion Colony,

about him. What was he like? When did I know?


I tell them instead about you (not your death —

enough has been said on that sorry subject already,

and you’re more than your death). I tell them how

vibrantly you lived: your hope, your research, your joy.


When they speak of the doomed Orion Colony,

I demand they remember your name.


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Jenny Thompson is an IT analyst based in Pittsburgh. Her poetry has been published in Strange Horizons, Star*Line, and the anthology Post ROE Alternatives: Fighting Back.

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