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The Lorelei Signal


Till Next, Nichelle

Written by Lisa Timpf / Artwork by Marge Simon

News headline: Nichelle Nichols,

trail-blazing Star Trek actress,

dead at 89


DeForest had already left us,

James and Leonard too,

so it shouldn’t have come

as a surprise, your departure

from this planet.


Still, each passing stings,

reminding me how far

childhood has receded

into life’s rear-view.


Your memory betrayed you

near the end, I’m told,

so perhaps you’d forgotten

how you blazed a trail

bright as a meteor

across a summer sky.


Me, I will always remember

running to my friend’s house

to watch Star Trek reruns

and I will think of the way

you opened a hailing frequency

to a more inclusive future.


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Lisa Timpf is a retired HR and communications professional who lives in Simcoe, Ontario. Her speculative poetry has appeared in New Myths, Star*Line, Triangulation: Habitats, Polar Borealis, and other venues. Her collection of speculative haibun poetry, In Days to Come, is available from Hiraeth Publishing.


You can find out more about Lisa’s writing projects at

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