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The Lorelei Signal

Edited by Carol Hightshoe

ISSN: 2158-6160


Welcome to the Apr - Jun '22 Issue of The Lorelei Signal

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Stories in this Issue:

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by JS Watts

An isolated, snow-bound colony of scientists has become used to living with and studying the changes brought about by the First Great Cataclysm, but the changes personal to them, and one young scientist in particular, are about to make a dramatic change of their own and things are going to become horrifically personal.


by Michelle Ann King

Being an all-powerful superbeing might be better than working retail, but Sharon’s still bored. All she wants is an arch-enemy, so that they can fight an epic, eternal battle across space and time. Is that so much to ask?


by Maureen Bowden

Hekate, goddess of witchcraft, liked humans and tried to help them.

Some of them however, like Meleesha, were hard work, especially when she had vengeance on her mind.

Landfill 300dpi.jpeg

by Mary E Lowd

An enterprising young nine-year-old journalist sets out to discover what's been happening to all the dino-bot toys in her neighborhood.

medusa's stare.jpg

by Matias Travieso-Diaz

After she is raped and a messenger brings the words of the Oracle at Delphi, Medusa's fate is sealed.

The Book and the Sea 300dpi.jpeg

by George Jacobs

After her mother’s death, a young woman travels to the seaside as she struggles to find herself and understand her mother’s mysterious past.

cat witch bookcase.jpg

by Henry Peter Gribbin

Brokering a meeting between two siblings that haven’t been in contact with each other can be tricky, especially when one can destroy a werewolf with the wave of her hand.


by Douglas Kolacki

Second chances can take the most unexpected forms,

even during the German invasion of 1941. 


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The Lorelei Signal (ISSN: 2158-6160) is published quarterly, by WolfSinger Publications.
New issues are posted on the first Sunday of Jan, April, July, and Oct.

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